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There is nothing better than getting out on the road. Seeing new sights, experiencing new things, meeting new people, tasting new foods or even just spending some quality quiet time away from the normal rat race. Let us help you find that perfect destination safely without spending your entire life's savings. 
Major and Local Attractions

Going by motorcycle or by car, we can help you plan your stop at the major attractions as well as the local sightseeing highlights.

Where to stay and where to eat are the two most iportant things to plan ahead. A clean, safe place to stay and food that provides a taste of the local flavor yet doesn't  break the bank. 

Cultural Events

 There are many cultural events that are going on all over Southern California.


Let us help plan a trip for you to experience something new, explore the tastes of another land and meet people from different cultures.


Escorted and motorcycle trips available.


Not sure about going alone? Maybe need someone to come along to provide that sense of security? 

We can help you plan by escorting your tour. I ride a Harley and have no problem tagging along. I can even pull the trailer and provide security in case there are problems along the way.

     You   Decide

OKay..... we have given you a few ideas.... from hiking, fishing, kayaking, golf, horseback riding and camping to motorcycle touring and general sightseeing trips to satisfy every imagination.


If you have an idea for a place to go or something to do....

get in touch. We may just have the right equipment or information to make your travel experience complete !!!

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