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Family Camping  & Trip Planning

Let us help you plan that trip of a lifetime in the great outdoors. Everything from tent camping to finding the perfect cabin or condo to spend that quality time with the family. 


We have over 50 years of experience to help you plan the perfect trip no matter what your experience level is. 


Why spend hundreds of dollars on equpiment only to have it sit in storage and never be used again if this is not the activity for you? Why spend your time in a place thinking you should have went somewhere else?  We have plently of quality gear to outfit you an your family in comfort.  We can even build in your meals if you would rather not spend your time cooking.


Exploring is fun but why waste your precious time and money when we can help you plan the activities that best suit your individual tastes. Outdoor activites that include hiking, fishing, boating, kayaking or even horseback riding can be built into your individualized outdoor adventure.


Single parent families can even plan to have us accompany you on your trip to make sure everything goes the way you want so you can make the most of every minute !!!!!


We provide the perfect sevice for the dad that want to take his family out for the first time or the single mom that is apprehensive of going alone.


Contact us today and let's start planning that trip your family will remember.



Guided Fishing Trips

Have you ever gone fishing and watched the people next to you catch fish while you sat and wished for the same luck? Did you spend money on what you thought was a good pole, line and bait to buy only find you coming home without even a bite? 


There is never a guarantee that you will catch fish but we can help you increase your chances of success by providing the right equipment, going to the right location and providing you some of the proven techniques that over 55 years of experience has provided us. 


We have a fuly rigged bass boat, fishing kayaks with electronic fish finders, one man pontoon boat and personal fishing float tubes to get you out onto the water properly equipted. If being out on the water is not your thing, we can help you plan that trip to the right lake that is either close to the parking or include a short hike if you want to build that activity in as well. 


We know most of the lakes and streams from Bishop to Bridgeport and have caught fish in every one of them.  The Southern California freshwater lakes have also been an area that we have serviced and are willing to set up a trip to any lake you choose. One day to one week trips can be book based on availability.


You must provide your own state fishing license but we can provide the poles, bait and all other gear to make your outing a fun and exciting event. We even have waders for cold tempature fishing trips and carry enough rain gear if the weather decides to be uncooperative.


Let us help you plan that fishing trip today.

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