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Hi there and thanks for visiting our site......


We are a family based business that has been enjoying the High Sierras for over 55 years while going there to camp, fish and experience the outdoors.  Over the years we met alot of good people along the way and have shared stories of how people have had good and bad experiences while on vacation.


Unfortunately, the bad ones were always created by lack of knowledge, lack of preparation or poor time management once they got there. Our goal is to provide the average person every opportunity to create the most memorable outdoor experience possible without spending their life's savings.


Therefore, fees and charges will be discussed after I know what it is that you are trying to plan, where it is that you think you might want to go and just what it is you are trying to accomplish by getting away from home. How's that for being honest ???


I intend to spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors myself now that I am retired and have the time to savor every minute. I have learned that time is our most precious commodity and should never be wasted.


A bit about me:

1. United States Army - Honorably discharged Viet Nam Vet

2. Retired Law Enforcement Officer

3. Professional Bass Fishing tour experience

4. 55 years experience in the outdoors

5. Medical First Aid Training - Lifeguard


A bit more about me:

    I take a drink when I want to but never too much.

    I smoke when I feel like it but never anything illegal.

    I eat red meat and do not make fun of people who do not.

    I've been told that my language can be harsh but never in front of the kids.

    I am allergic to drama and do not tolerate whinning......


    So if you can deal with me........  let's go fishin !!!!


  Tight lines and hope to see you out on the water !!!!!!!!


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